Thank you for visiting the California Student Assistance Program (SAP) Resource Center. The purpose of this site is to emphasize the importance and need for SAPs in California school environments and to provide resources for school officials interested in promoting and implementing the use of SAPs to "support student achievement".

What is SAP?

Student Assistance Programs (SAPs) are a school-based approach to providing focused services to students needing interventions for substance abuse, mental health, academic, emotional, or social issues. They are a process-not a curriculum or treatment center-that connects education, programs, and services within and across school and community systems to create a network of supports to help students. As a process, SAPs identify troubled students, assess students' needs, and provide them with support and referral to appropriate resources. The overarching goal of SAPs is to remove barriers to education so that a student may achieve academically.

Effectiveness of SAPs

The broad goals of Student Assistance Programs are to reduce affiliated students' behavioral and disciplinary violations and substance use habits, while improving school attendance and academic performance through the referral to appropriate services. Although SAPs proliferated across the nation in the 1980's and were adopted by individual schools, districts, and entire states, few evaluations documenting the results of these programs were ever published. Nevertheless, evaluations of programs that fit a general model of SAP-type programs can be used to provide empirical, if not rigorous, evidence concerning the effi cacy of these models in achieving these outcomes for students served. The following outcomes were found for students served by SAP-type programs.

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